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I believe that our experience of life comes through our thoughts… in the moment.

The more in-tune you can be with your thoughts and feelings, the more in-tune you can be with life. And ultimately, the more happiness you can feel.

My mission is to help you find clarity and happiness through moments of mindfulness. 

This community is here to help you find clarity by understanding what is really meaningful to you and increase your levels of happiness by lowering stress and overthinking so that you experience the long-lasting shift to being yourself.

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The ‘In The Moment’ Community is a monthly subscription-based service to be part of a growing circle of people who are committed to growth through their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

In short; it’s an opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people who want to live their best life.

This community will focus around mindfulness classes, group coaching sessions, movement & mobility classes, thought-provoking content and conversations – which will all take place using Zoom and Instagram.

The community is for anyone to get involved in – no matter your age, background or working situation. Although I offer in-depth group and one-to-one coaching, I also understand that these things are not accessible to everyone. And accessibility is important to me. I believe that anyone who wants to be coached or work on themselves should have the opportunity to do so.

Being part of this community means you are committing to creating a better life for yourself. It’s a space to be heard and grow alongside like-minded people who are also committed to their own personal growth, transformation and overall well being. 

This is why the ‘In The Moment’ Community exists. It’s a community built to support as well as push you on your journey.

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So what does a membership include?

As a Community Member

– You get access to the weekly 45 min meditation and movement session via Zoom, two ingredients which will help you feel more centred and at one with yourself.

– Access to a monthly 60 min group coaching session, which will take place via Zoom and will cover conversations based on the week’s learnings, as well as open up a discussion amongst the group to help deepen your understanding of life and help you to find more moments of clarity

– Access to a downloadable guided meditation audio package, for you to use in your own time, each download will focus on deepening your experience with meditation and clarity of thinking

– Added to my weekly ‘In The Moment’ email, filled with weekly musings and thoughts

– Access to a private community instagram account, which will include regular uploads of:

  • 1x members-only IG live with a special guest per month
  • In-depth videos and blog posts, expanding on my learnings and understandings through life and coaching
  • Weekly Q&A through instagram stories
  • Exclusive additional video content from my ‘In The Moment’ Podcast
  • Uploads of all previous group coaching and meditation & movement sessions

You will also be entitled to:

  • Early access and discounts to future events, webinars and coaching programmes
  • and so much more

How much does it cost?

With accessibility in mind, I am offering these at a rate which is giving you a huge amount of value for what you pay.

Community Member£12 per month

For the first 10 people to sign up, I am offering a special price of £10 per month for a Community Membership

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me on instagram @IAmAlexManzi or via email at

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for your interest in joining the ‘In The Moment’ Community, let’s find moments of clarity and happiness TOGETHER.

I found Alex to be a supportive and non-judgemental person I could turn to and bounce ideas off, whilst I worked through some anxieties and challenges, during a period of change in my life.


I found Alex to be helpful, genuine and down to earth. He wasn’t judgemental and in fact is very easy to talk to. When talking to him you somehow realise the solution to your own problems without him spoon feeding it to you.


Peace and love,


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