Ciara London: Being True To Yourself – Episode 07

In Episode 07, I chat with Ciara London who is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. We discuss why she decided to leave her job in the city after 6 years to pursue a career in the fitness industry, why her friends are her biggest inspiration, how she built up a client base using Instagram, being true to herself & her values, why she stresses the importance of living a fun life, her 12 week workout plan & how she structured it and more.

Ciara’s message of being true to yourself and having strong values is a very important one as too much of the time we go with the flow of our work and day to day lives without questioning what it is we really want to be doing. There’s a lot of really great nuggets of information in this one. Also, we recorded the episode at the gym she works out of and there was a loud Zumba class in the room next door so apologies for any background noise! Hope you enjoy.

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