Parris OH: Creating Your Own Role – Episode 03

I caught up with Parris OH about how she went from intern to creating her own role as Sony Music’s Urban Promotions Manager in the UK.


Courtney Francis: Balancing Full Time Work & Your Passions – Episode 02

I sit down with Courtney Francis aka CourtneyFPhoto to discuss how he finds the balance between working full time and chasing his photography dream.


Bejay Mulenga: Building Your Own Business & Being Your Own Boss – Episode 01

So here it is! In episode 01 I sit down with Bejay Mulenga – a 21 year old entrepreneur – who has featured on GQ’s ‘Most Connected Men in 2016’ list.


The Introduction – What Is The Dreamer’s Disease? – Episode 00

So what is the Dreamer’s Disease?

In this short introduction episode I break down and explain what the podcast will be about and the type of conversations I will be having. Essentially each forthcoming episode will feature a guest who will spend the time breaking down their story and what they do, looking to draw inspiration from their story and hoping to learn a few things on the way.

“It’s our peers and the people around us that we should look to, and get inspiration from, as well as the people we want to aspire to be”

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