Taking A Leap & Trusting The Process with Kelechi Okafor – Ep 236

On this week’s episode I am joined by Kelechi Okafor for something a little bit different. During out first recording over two years ago (link below), Kelechi, pulled out some Tarot cards and gave me a live reading. So I asked Kelechi if she’d like to come back on the podcast and do an episode totally in the hands of her Tarot cards, pulling them from the pack and seeing what comes up in conversation.

So that’s exactly what we did.
During this conversation, we spoke about:

  • Being the hero of your own story
  • Being preset with your decisions to not make them difficult
  • Leaping into what you don’t know
  • Deeply connecting with yourself and the others around you
  • And much more

Previous episode with Kelechi: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Mr635ZGcn5ULkwPqAluCg?si=3560cc133b7d468e

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