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I remember a few years ago, I was on holiday with a few friends in Las Vegas. We were on day 5 of our 7-day trip and had spent pretty much most of our time enjoying the Vegas party scene.

On this particular day, we found ourselves at a pool party at an amazing location, in the sun, with a poolside table. Yet I was hating every minute of it.

I’d only had a few hours sleep, I was hungover and was sat at our table feeling sorry for myself and looking miserable. I don’t even think I could muster up much energy to speak with anyone.

Then something clicked.

I realised I was in a beautiful location on an awesome trip with my friends, sat at a poolside table in the sun, at one of the most popular pool parties in Vegas!

So I pulled myself up and chose to enjoy myself instead of being miserable. 

I got into the pool, started bouncing along to the music and then bounded over to a group of strangers and started talking to them.

I spent the next 2-3 hours going over to groups of strangers and talking to them about everything and anything. I met people from Canada, Chicago, LA, Wisconsin and even London (one girl even became a client of mine many years later!).

I may have even ended up dancing with a group of Americans on the platform in the middle of the pool (too much information!?).

Anyone who was observing me from one moment to the next would have probably assumed that I had taken some sort of substance to change my mood. But I didn’t.

I simply made a choice to enjoy myself and that changed the whole course of my afternoon.

The lesson I learnt that day is that no matter the situation, the moment or the external experience; the real experience is created within by choosing how you want to be.

Remember; in any moment, you can choose to have a different experience.

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