In Focus

In Focus: You Don’t Need To Label Your Thoughts – Ep 224

You don’t need to label your thoughts ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

In Focus: Everything Comes From Love – Ep 222

Discussing how love is our natural state of being

In Focus: Facing Up To Fear – Ep 219

Exploring what happens when you face up to your fears

In Focus: Clear Your Space To Clear Your Mind – Ep 217

How decluttering your space can help clear your mind

In Focus: Being Selfish Isn’t A Bad Thing – Ep 215

Exploring why being selfish is a form of self care

In Focus: Contentment Breeds Happiness – Ep 213

A discussion on what it really means to be content in life

In Focus: How To Find Your Purpose – Ep 211

Taking a look at what it really means to find your purpose

In Focus: Life-Changing Habits for 2021 – Ep 209

3 life-changing habits to create transformation this year.

In Focus: Understanding Your Thoughts – Ep 207

Discussing how to free up your mind

In Focus: Dealing With A Lack Of Motivation – Ep 205

Discussing how I dealt with a recent lack of motivation.

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