Travel Diary: Patagonia – Ep 135

Part 3 of my Travel Diaries from two months in South America. In this episode I discuss what I got up to in 9 days in Bariloche and El Bolson in the Northern part of Patagonia.
This was the first part of my trip where I was travelling solo so I was a little nervous but very excited at the same time.

I hope to give you a little insight of the amazing countries and places we visit as well as some of the incredible people we meet along the way.

Things I did in Bariloche:
-Stayed in the Moving Travel Hostel
-Walked the Llao Llao trail
-Visited Lago Gutierrez and hiked to Playa Munoz
-Hiked Cerro Campanario for the best views of the region
-Drank cheap beer at all of the Happy Hour bars

Things I did in El Bolson
-Ate at the Artesan Fair
-Hiked the walking trails of Wharton
-Camped at Casa Del Campo Refugio (a paradise in the sky!)
-Swam in the ice cold waters of Rio Azul

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