Richie Bostock: Live With Love & Compassion – Ep 158

Richie Bostock aka Breath Guy, is a Breathwork coach, author and speaker


In Focus: Kindness – Ep 157

Discussing kindness, which was this year’s theme of Mental Health Awareness Week.


Be At Peace With Letting Go | A Conversation With My Two Best Mates – Ep 156

A conversation with my two best mates Moz and Joe.

Lucy Sheridan: Stop Comparing & Listen To Your Inner Voice – Ep 155

Lucy Sheridan who the first and only Comparison Coach.

What can we learn from stillness?

“If you let your busy mind settle, your course will also become clear”

Mollie King: Taking Opportunities & Dealing With Self Doubt – Ep 153

Mollie King discusses how she deals with self doubt

Darius Charles: Overcoming Adversity With A Positive Mind – Ep 152

Darius Charles is a professional football player, but 18 months ago he was faced with a career-threatening injury

Julia Hobsbawm: Embracing Simplicity In Life – Ep 151

Author and speaker, Julia Hobsbawm, joins me to talk about finding simplicity in life.

Finding Clarity In Thoughts | Blog

Navigating between thoughts and reality can be a real challenge.

Jehnny Beth: Express Yourself Through Your Feelings – Ep 149

Jehnny discusses what she has learnt through the journey of creating her first solo album

The Journey To Understanding Happiness | Blog

A journey into where the source of true happiness comes from

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