Stonebwoy: Connecting To Your Roots & Being A Global Citizen – Ep 168

Stonebwoy is recording artist from Ghana who won the BET Award for ‘Best International Act’ in 2015

In Focus: What I Learnt From 100 Days Of Meditation – Ep 167

I discuss my recent learnings from completing 100 days of consecutive meditation, for the second time.

Grace Victory: Dealing With Guilt, Healing & Understanding Emotions – Ep 166

Grace is a blogger, writer, TA therapist in training and is all about multidimensional wellbeing.

Let’s Talk About Sustainability with Emma Foster-Geering – Ep 165

I am joined by Emma Foster-Geering who is the head of sustainability at Vivo Barefoot

Gracey: Being Your Authentic Self – Ep 164

Gracey is a singer/songwriter from Brighton.

In Focus: Being Content In Life – Ep 163

A discussion and some thoughts on what it means to be content in life.

Lets Talk About Racism: Where We Are At & What Can Be Done – Ep 162

Alex & Ryan for an important discussion about race and the experience of growing up as a black man in London.

In Focus: Oneness & Racism in 2020 – Ep 161

There has been a lot going on in the past few days and weeks, and I want to share some of my thoughts and experiences around racism.

Donae’o: Self Awareness & Taking Small Steps In Life – Ep 160

Donae’o is a producer, songwriter and vocalist.

My Spiritual Journey: A Live Numerology Reading – Ep 159

My friend Momo joins me to give me a live numerology reading.

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