Life Lessons From Being A Drug Addict with Michael Brody-Waite – Ep 216

In the last 17 years Michael Brody-Waite has gone from being a homeless drug addict on the verge of death to the founder of an Inc 500 company, 3X CEO, author and recently gave a TEDx Talk that has over 2,000,000 views.

During this conversation, we spoke about:

  • How we are all addicted to something
  • Being authentic
  • Facing up to fear
  • Doing the uncomfortable work 

PLUS some exciting news! My self-published book ‘The Search For Clarity’ is now available as an Audiobook!
The book shares my experiences and biggest learnings of going from living with a negative mindset to now living from a place of clarity and happiness – and how you can too.
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