Vanessa Vanderpuye: Rise Up To Be Your Best – Ep 141

Actress Vanessa shares her story on how she has balanced her career whilst battling Endometriosis.

A Conversation In Quarantine with Alex Reads & Ryan Nile – Ep 140

I’m joined by Alex Reads & Ryan Nile to discuss what we’ve been getting up to since the UK implemented strict self isolation to help battle against the outbreak of COVID-19.

Travel Diary: Colombia – Ep 139

The final part of my travel diaries from two months in South America.

Raise Your Self Image | Short – Ep 138

Discussing raising your own self image through self love with Shocka Artist.

Murkage Dave: Embracing Your Vulnerable Side – Ep 137

On this episode I’m joined by the Murkage Dave who is a singer/songwriter from London

In Focus: The People You Meet – Ep 136

On this week’s In Focus session, I do some reflecting on my recent travels and the impact the people you meet can have on your life.

Travel Diary: Patagonia – Ep 135

Part 3 of my Travel Diaries from two months in South America. In this episode I discuss what I got up to in the Northern part of Patagonia.

Jada Sezer: Finding Confidence & Value In Your Journey – Ep 134

On this episode I’m joined by Jada Sezer, who is a plus-size model, activist and has an MA in child psychology.

Travel Diary: Uruguay & Argentina – Ep 133

Part 2 of my Travel Diaries from 2 months in South America with my two friends Adam and Christian. In this episode we discuss what we got up to Uruguay & Argentina.

Finding Balance In Life | Short – Ep 132

On this Short we hear from Samantha Maria of episode 96. We discuss how she balances her working life with her family and social life.

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