In Focus: How To Find Your Purpose – Ep 211

Taking a look at what it really means to find your purpose

Building Self Awareness & Feeling Your Emotions with Zach Dereniowski – Ep 210

Zach aka @mdmotivator joins me for an open & authentic discussion

In Focus: Life-Changing Habits for 2021 – Ep 209

3 life-changing habits to create transformation this year.

Life Lessons From 2020 with Jada Sezer – Ep 208

Discussing the lessons and learnings from 2020 with Jada Sezer

In Focus: Understanding Your Thoughts – Ep 207

Discussing how to free up your mind

Living Through Your Emotions with Sam Tompkins – Ep 206

Sam Tompkins is a singer/songwriter that I really admire for his openness and emotional honesty

In Focus: Dealing With A Lack Of Motivation – Ep 205

Discussing how I dealt with a recent lack of motivation.

Challenging Your Ego with Ben Bidwell – Ep 204

The power of opening up your heart and challenge your ego.

In Focus: Understanding Emotions – Ep 203

I dive into understanding your emotions and share my own personal learnings

Your Bad Days Won’t Last Forever with Mark Watson – Ep 202

Mark Watson is an award winning comedian, TV personality and author.

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