Self Love Through Sobriety with Millie Gooch – Ep 218

Millie shares her journey with giving up alcohol

Life Lessons From Being A Drug Addict with Michael Brody-Waite – Ep 216

Powerful learnings on how to face up to fear & be authentic

Authenticity, Acceptance & Slowing Down with Ryan Nile & Alex Holmes – Ep 214

A roundtable discussion with podcasters Ryan Nile & Alex Reads

Self Discovery & Creating New Habits with Dr Rangan Chatterjee – Ep 212

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is the host of the number 1 Health podcast in Europe ‘Feel Better Live More’

Building Self Awareness & Feeling Your Emotions with Zach Dereniowski – Ep 210

Zach aka @mdmotivator joins me for an open & authentic discussion

Life Lessons From 2020 with Jada Sezer – Ep 208

Discussing the lessons and learnings from 2020 with Jada Sezer

Living Through Your Emotions with Sam Tompkins – Ep 206

Sam Tompkins is a singer/songwriter that I really admire for his openness and emotional honesty

Challenging Your Ego with Ben Bidwell – Ep 204

The power of opening up your heart and challenge your ego.

Your Bad Days Won’t Last Forever with Mark Watson – Ep 202

Mark Watson is an award winning comedian, TV personality and author.

Episode 200! Prioritising Happiness In Your Own Life with David Speed

David Speed from the Creative Rebels podcast joins me for a chat

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