Travel Diary

Travel Diary: Reykjavik – Ep 126

I recently went to Reykjavik in Iceland with my friends Adam, Tamer and Anton. This episode is about what we got up to and what we loved.

Travel Diary: Montréal – Ep 113

I recently took a solo trip to Montréal in Canada to visit a couple of friends who I met whilst travelling earlier this year.

Travel Diary: Tallinn, Estonia – Ep 105

I’ve been back on my travels and this time to Tallinn in Estonia. Me and my friend Adam booked a last minute trip

Travel Diary: Japan, The Final Leg

What we got up to in Hiroshima, an incredible day trip to Miyajima Island, a nightmare in Lake Hakone and our final nights in Tokyo.

Travel Diary: Japan, Part 3

In this episode we discuss what we got up to in Osaka and Kyoto with a few hilarious stories thrown in the mix.

Travel Diary: Japan, Part 2

In this episode we discuss our final big night out in Tokyo, a local rap battle we went to, finding Snow Monkeys, our Onsen experience and more

Travel Diary: Japan, Part 1

Taking a short break from usual proceedings as I am currently spending 3 weeks in Japan with Adam and Tamer

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