Samantha Maria: Balancing Life Online Vs Life Offline – Ep 96

YouTuber Samantha Maria joins me to discuss the realities of creating and making online content vs finding balance in the offline world, and all of the struggles that come with it.

In Focus: My Relationship With Money – Ep 95

On this In Focus session I delve into how my relationship with money has changed over time – particularly in the past 9 months since leaving my full time job.

In Focus: Taking Ownership in Life – Ep 94

Life is all about taking ownership of your life. So in this week’s In Focus session I discuss my own journey on taking more ownership in my life.

In Focus: Burnout – Ep 93

On this week’s In Focus session I am discussing burnout as it’s something we all have to deal with from time to time.

Travel Blues & Reverse Culture Shock – Ep 92

Adam & Tamer are back on the podcast to discuss our travel blues and dealing with reverse culture shock since coming back from Japan.

In Focus: Productivity – Ep 91

On this In Focus session I talk about my productivity when it comes to making this very podcast, sharing tips you can apply to your own life.

David Speed: Being A Creative Rebel – Ep 90

I am joined by David Speed who is the host of the Creative Rebels podcast and co-founder of Graffiti Life

In Focus: Your Ego – Ep 89

On this week’s In Focus session I discuss Ego, how you can learn to understand it, why you can’t trust it and how you can deal better with your ego.

Michelle Elman: Being Confident In Your Body – Ep 88

Michelle Elman is a body confidence coach, author of ‘Am I Ugly?’ and creator of the ‘Scarred Not Scared’ movement.

In Focus: Understanding Happiness – Ep 87

My thoughts on understanding happiness and why I believe we’ve got happiness the wrong way round.

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