In Focus: The People You Meet – Ep 136

On this week’s In Focus session, I do some reflecting on my recent travels and the impact the people you meet can have on your life.

Travel Diary: Patagonia – Ep 135

Part 3 of my Travel Diaries from two months in South America. In this episode I discuss what I got up to in the Northern part of Patagonia.

Jada Sezer: Finding Confidence & Value In Your Journey – Ep 134

On this episode I’m joined by Jada Sezer, who is a plus-size model, activist and has an MA in child psychology.

Travel Diary: Uruguay & Argentina – Ep 133

Part 2 of my Travel Diaries from 2 months in South America with my two friends Adam and Christian. In this episode we discuss what we got up to Uruguay & Argentina.

Finding Balance In Life | Short – Ep 132

On this Short we hear from Samantha Maria of episode 96. We discuss how she balances her working life with her family and social life.

Tony Riddle: Live A Natural Life For Your Mind, Body & Soul – Ep 131

Tony Riddle is natural life-stylist and is all about studying how you can use nature to help your body get to full physical and emotional health.

Travel Diary: Rio De Janeiro – Ep 130

My first Travel Diary from my two month journey around South America. My first stop was Rio De Janeiro for NYE with my two friends Adam and Christian.

In Focus: Thoughts vs Reality – Ep 129

On this week’s In Focus session, I discuss something that I often struggle with which is navigating between thoughts vs reality.

Gabrielle Aplin: ADHD & Finding The Good In The Bad – Ep 128

Singer/Songwriter Gabrielle Aplin has a truly amazing story as she’s struggled with ADHD throughout her life.

Design Your 2020 with Creative Rebels (Live) – Ep 127

This episode is full of gems and inspiration – the perfect way to kick start 2020!

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