Travel Diary: Reykjavik – Ep 126

I recently went to Reykjavik in Iceland with my friends Adam, Tamer and Anton. This episode is about what we got up to and what we loved.

Biggest Lessons & Learnings from 2019 | The Corner – Ep 125

I am joined by two of my good friends Nish and Joe to and share our learnings from 2019.

Make Small Daily Improvements For Long Term Gain | Blog

If you make small, daily improvements you’ll start to see big results. It’s called the 1% rule

Jerome Flynn: Opening Up Your Heart To The Wholeness Of Life – Ep 124

I’m joined by Jerome Flynn who is best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Bronn of the Blackwater

Sinead Harnett: Lessons In Love And Self Love – Ep 123

I’m joined by a very good friend of mine and amazing singer/songwriter Sinead Harnett.

Push Through With Determination | Short – Ep 122

Zach was involved in a horrific accident which left him paralysed from the hips down and told by medical experts that he’d never walk again.

In Focus: Lifestyle Changes – Ep 121

On this week’s In Focus session I discuss some of the lifestyle changes I’ve made in the past 12 months.

Why I’ve Decided To Slow Down In Life | Blog

I decided to give myself some time away from social media, away from making content, away from writing, away from recording and instead focus on doing things for myself.

Dealing With Emotions, Finding A Therapist & Love Languages | The Corner – Ep 120

On this episode of The Corner I am joined by two awesome podcasters and content creators; Alex Reads & Ryan Nile

What I Learnt From 100 Days of Meditation | Blog

For over 3 years, I’ve been dedicating time each day to sit and reflect in silence and earlier this year, I reached 100 days of meditation in a row

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