DamnShaq: Quality Over Quantity – Episode 66

On this episode I am joined by DJ, presenter and all round creative, DamnShaq, discussing everything from the pressures of being a young creative, finding his voice in the industry, how to turn things around when they don’t go your way, the importance of having a good support network and loads more

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of and seeing Shaq’s story up close and personal, from taking him under my wing at the BBC as his ‘boss’, to giving each other advice, to gassing each other up about what the future holds. This chat was personal, honest and eye-opening.

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Topics we discuss:

  • Breaking into the creative industry
  • Finding his voice
  • His fall out with Kyra TV
  • What he did when he found himself in a bad place
  • How he turned things around for himself
  • Growing up in South London
  • The biggest lesson he’s learnt
  • Realising he had a good set of friends around him
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