Hussain Manawer: Find Strength In Your Pain – Episode 38

On this episode I am joined by poet Hussain Manawer to hear about the amazing work he does in spreading awareness of mental health issues.

Hussain has dedicated his artistry to sharing stories and experiences with Mental Health. Having recently lost his mother, he has an EP on the way dedicated to the learnings she passed onto him. He also holds the Guiness World Record for the largest Mental Health lesson, when he got over 500 students in a room to educate them on depression, suicide and more.

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Some topics we discuss:

  • why mental health is so important to him
  • his passion for music
  • becoming a poet
  • dealing with his mother’s death
  • setting up the largest ever mental health lesson
  • keeping a group of close friends
  • best advice he’s ever been given
  • signing a record deal
  • his interpretation of the Dreamer’s Disease
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