King CookDaily: Create Your Own Culture – Episode 52

King CookDaily is someone whose journey I have been following for a while and have been massively inspired by having seen his journey from opening his hugely popular CookDaily Vegan restaurant, to building a real sense of community around the brand, and sharing his positive message online.

Having worked in Michelin star restaurants and fine dining venues, King is now a full Vegan and figurehead for the scene. We spoke about his journey through his career as a chef, how his family and roots gave him self-belief, how getting stabbed and being left fighting for his life gave him the motivation to succeed.

King’s journey has been truly inspiring and I was super chuffed to sit down with him for a chat.

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Some topics we discuss:

– his family upbringing

– first cooking experience

– biggest lessons learnt from his childhood

– moving abroad to gain cooking experience

– how getting stabbed helped turn his life around

– his struggles trying to fit in

– working 100 days straight when he opened CookDaily

– praciticing Buddhism

– what he’s learnt from being a father

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