Push Through With Determination | Short – Ep 122

Dreamer’s Disease Short is a new feature in the podcast where I will share a short clip from a previous interview. This will either be some food for thought or a moment of inspiration.

On this week’s Short we hear from Zach Washington Young of episode 46. Zach was involved in a horrific accident which left him paralysed from the hips down and told by medical experts that he’d never walk again. But Zach pushed through with determination and began taking small steps with the help of intense physiotherapy. In April 2018, Zach became the first person to finish the London marathon on foot after having suffered from a severed spinal cord. In the clip, Zach discusses his accident and injury in depth and explains how he pushed himself to defy the odds.

Listen to the full conversation: http://thedreamersdisease.co.uk/zach-washington-young-making-impossible-possible-episode-46

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