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This week a coaching client of mine and I decided to celebrate our wins each week on our calls. In a week we both experienced big and little wins, we made a pact to do this in every session.

I often go through life not celebrating my wins and successes, as I’ve maybe felt a little embarrassed by them or almost expectant of them. Not in a sense that I would expect these things to happen anyway, but in a sense of, I’ve worked towards them so of course they are going to happen. And it stops me from enjoying the moment.

In the past week I have had some big wins and some small personal wins and it really made me reflect on why it is important to celebrate them.

So to start with, I want to share my wins with you. My self-published book ‘The Search For Clarity’ is complete and I received the physical copies last week and it felt amazing to hold them in my hands. Also last week, I reached 250,000 total downloads of the podcast, completed 100 consecutive days of meditation, the podcast got featured on Spotify’s homepage in their ‘podcasts packed with positivity’ section and, finally, I got back on my skateboard after a month of ankle rehab. Some pretty nice wins!

In allowing myself to celebrate these wins, it was a nice reminder of all of the hard work which has gone into each of them. Even down to my ankle rehab, which at times has been tedious and frustrating, it’s nice to be able to celebrate the little achievements along the way.

When you celebrate your wins, you are not only reminding yourself of the hard work that has gone in, but you are reminding yourself that you are important. You are reminding yourself that you matter.

We often skip over our achievements, no matter how big or how small, because we are already focussing on the next thing. But this isn’t living in the present. To live in the present means to feel in the present. And this means you should feel the sense of achievement that you deserve. I, for sure, have stopped myself from celebrating wins in the past because I’ve always wanted more or felt as though the achievements weren’t enough.

But by not celebrating your wins, you aren’t giving yourself the love you deserve and you aren’t allowing yourself to thrive. When we celebrate we thrive within ourselves, we let go of concerns, stories and ideas. And we just enjoy the moment. Being too modest or embarrassed to celebrate, can prevent these feelings.

Ultimately, celebrating your wins is all about you, how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved. So the next time you have something to celebrate, bask in all of its glory, for you.

Peace and love,


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