Kojo The Comedian: Be More Open To Being Open – Episode 30

A real in-depth chat with Kojo Anim aka Kojo The Comedian – someone who has helped break down so many doors and put on so many comedians throughout his career. He shares stories on touring with and being mentored from the likes of Chris Rock, Kevin Hart & Dave Chappelle, to growing up with his parents in jail, to script-writing, to advising up-coming comics.

There are so many gems in this conversation with Kojo discussing why he’s starting to be more open within his life and his work and passing on some advice on how to build and maintain meaningful relationships.

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Some topics we discuss:

– What impact the relationships he has with Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock & Kevin Hart have had on his career

– How the comedy game has changed over the years

– Discovering his father wasn’t really his father at the age of 19

– Why his aunty is his biggest hero

– Why his true purpose is to help others

– The relationship between Hip Hop and comedy

– Having trust in the decisions you make

– The roles he’s played on stage, TV and in theatre

– Being more open to his audience – documenting vs creating

– Why he’s focussing on his comedy again to become relevant in stand-up

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