My Spiritual Journey: A Live Numerology Reading – Ep 159

This week’s episode I am joined by my friend Momo who gave me a live numerology reading. Over the past few years, I’ve been exploring more and more spirituality and since getting to know Momo, she’s definitely helped me along that journey.

So I thought it would be interesting to do my numerology reading live on the podcast and see what came up. And it was quite interesting because there’s a few subject and insecurities that came up during the reading, which I don’t usually share out loud in public but also some great personal learnings.
During this conversation, we spoke about:

  • Learning from everybody you meet in life
  • My guilty relationship with money
  • What happens to your should when you die

If there is someone you feel would benefit from hearing this conversation then please make sure you share it with a friend who would enjoy listening and really take something from it 🙂

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