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During my latest conversation with Grace Victory, she said something really profound:

“It’s so tiring not living your truth. It’s important to live your truth offline and to speak your truth. And it’s also about finding things in life that make you happy. My truth now is that every day I am different, every minute I am different – we are cyclic beings, we change, we grow, we evolve, we go backwards sometimes and I’m ok with that. That’s my truth I am living in the moment for what is happening right now.”

We often tell ourselves stories based on the beliefs that we have created through our environments when we were growing up.

But through my journey, and particularly since starting my podcast, I have noticed that I am stepping more into my truth and taking ownership over who I am. And it feels great.

I feel as though I am breaking down all of the layers of stories that I have built up over the years, the many stories which I used to think defined who I am, but were actually stopping me from living my truth.

I am taking more and more time to understand who I am, how I think, how I react and how I live. I have begun to ask myself “what are the things I enjoy or would enjoy doing, and how can I do more of them?”

Because when you live your truth, you unleash something from deep within you. You unleash a sense of purpose which takes you over.

What I have come to understand is that each of our lives are unique. We all have had our own experiences and we all live our own realities. We all experience life in a unique way.

And if you continue to build up barriers, tell yourself stories and try to please everyone then you aren’t living your truth. In fact, you are actually suppressing it.

Think of it like a flame that is flickering away inside of you, the more you cover it up and block the air which is getting to it, then the smaller the flame will be. But if you allow the flame to be free and leave it to be exposed then it will begin to burn brightly.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely flip your life on it’s head in order to live your truth.

I made some small changes to my life, which I looked to implement each day and they resulted in a big change over time.

My truth right now is that I want to be as present as I can be in every moment – I want to live for every moment. I’ve lived so much of my life worrying about my past or my future, so I want to focus on the here and now. And that might mean my plans will change and unexpected things will happen both good and bad, but I am ready to embrace it all. I’m ready to try things I’ve not done before and push myself further outside of my comfort zone. I don’t want to live my life to anyone else’s standards apart from my own. I don’t want to be defined by a job, a place or a situation. And I know by doing this, I can be the best I can be, which ultimately means I can show up and be my best for other people.

Living your truth is ultimately being unashamedly you. Putting yourself first and living life how you choose to live it.

You can listen to my Dreamer’s Disease podcast HERE.

Peace and Love,


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