Kenny Allstar: Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Episode 68

This episode is a real treat. Honestly, it is the interview I am most proud of to date. Kenny Allstar is a DJ, music producer and radio presenter. During this conversation we discussed his incredible journey, all of the highs and lows. We laughed, we cried and connected on the deepest level.

Kenny spoke honestly about growing up on the streets with no money, having self-esteem issues as a kid, hustling his way to the top, being bullied as a youth, getting stabbed, changes he’d like to see with policing, his advice to anyone who is trying to make it as a creative and more!

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Topics we discuss:

  • breaking into the music industry as a young black man
  • his relationship with his mum
  • being bullied as a youth
  • feeling awkward with the attention around his recent success
  • growing up with self-esteem issues
  • changes he’d like to see with policing in our communities
  • the moment he found out he was getting his own show on BBC Radio 1Xtra
  • Kenny’s message to the youth
  • the influence music has on young people
  • young people growing up just trying to be accepted
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