Steph Elswood: Creating A Positive Lifestyle – Ep 110

On this episode I’m joined by Steph Elswood, formerly known as @healthychefsteph on instagram.

Steph is one of my favourite people to follow online. Having faced growing up in a highly pressurised environment in dance school, to battling an eating disorder, Steph has managed to change her life around and create something positive. She is now using her platform to help inspire women just like her.

During this conversation, we spoke about:

– The pressures of growing up through dance school
– How she overcame a eating disorder
– Learning to take time for herself
– Rediscovering her ‘why’
– And why she’s recently given up drinking alcohol

If there is someone you feel would benefit from hearing this conversation then please make sure you share it with a friend who would enjoy listening and really take something from it 🙂

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