Notes To Strangers: Make Creativity Work with Andy Leek – Episode 34

Andy Leek is the man behind @notestostrangers page on Instagram – an incredible idea where he leaves positive & inspirational notes around the UK for people to discover and post on their own Instagram accounts.

With a history in Advertising and experiencing some mental health issues, Andy talks us through his journey and his biggest learnings and why he’s so passionate about sharing love and inspiration in the world. There’s also an amazing story involving a ebay, a blank canvas, a flight to Vegas, Llamas and painting a dog, but you’ll have to listen to the full episode to find out the details.

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Some topics we discuss:

Experience working in the Advertising industry
Dealing with mental health issues
Working on various creative ideas
The idea behind Notes To Strangers
Andy’s biggest influence
Wanting to be the Conor McGregor of the artwork
Getting caught by police
Why you should listen to your instincts
Importance of taking risks
Turning negative moments in his life into something positive

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