Reece Parkinson: Manifest Your Dreams – Episode 42

On this episode I’m super excited to sit down with BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter, Reece Parkinson, someone who I have had the pleasure of watching grow and evolve over the past couple of years. Reece is someone who I regularly turn to to bounce ideas around about this very podcast and also the projects he’s working on. And someone I’d consider a good friend, so it was great to be able to sit down and discuss his story and dig a little deeper inside his head.

In the episode we hear Reece’s journey from community radio to Radio 1 & 1Xtra intern to getting his very own show on 1Xtra. We also speak about the importance of a strict daily routine to keep you focussed, why he likes to keep himself prepared like an athlete and why he doesn’t want to let his dreams slip away from him.

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Some topics we discuss:

– How he got started in radio

– What he learnt from being an intern at BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

– Going from intern to presenter at 1Xtra

– His biggest inspiration

– Why he believes making content for online is so vital

– Preparing himself like an athlete

– Why he carries a copy of his goals in his wallet

– Letting one dream slip and not wanting to let another go

– How he focuses on his goals with a strict daily routine

– Studying the patterns of those he looks up to

– Why he believes in the power of manifestation

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