Paul McGregor: Live With Purpose – Episode 64

On this week’s episode I am joined by Paul McGregor who is a mental health speaker and author.

Having lost his Dad to suicide 9 years ago, Paul has begun to dedicate his life to helping spread awareness of mental health issues and suicide rates in the UK.

He has just recently released his book ‘Man Up, Man Down’ which shares his story in full, with all of the details left in.

This is one of the most open conversations I have had on the podcast with a really strong message so please make sure you share it with a friend 🙂 And be sure to leave a review on the podcast too!

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Topics we discuss:

  • the effect his Dad’s suicide had on him and his family
  • the moment he fully opened up about his own struggles
  • his own battles with suicidal thoughts
  • why we need to stop chasing status
  • the false reality of happiness
  • the problem with asking ‘How are you?’
  • why asking for help means you are not being a burden on anyone
  • his bigger purpose in life
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