Richie Bostock: Live With Love & Compassion – Ep 158

Richie Bostock, is also known as The Breath Guy. He is a Breathwork coach, author and speaker and it is his mission to spread the life changing possibilities of Breathwork to the world.

Richie is doing some amazing work with helping people connect to the breath and discover all of the wonderful things that the breath can do for us.

And as you know, I’m a big practitioner in meditation and all round wellness, so this was a really fascinating conversation for me, as well as hearing about Richie’s journey, which has been very similar to my own.

During this conversation, we spoke about:

  • What happens when you connect to the breath
  • Living with a child-like playfulness
  • Learning to become comfortable with uncertainty
  • Living with love and compassion

If there is someone you feel would benefit from hearing this conversation then please make sure you share it with a friend who would enjoy listening and really take something from it 🙂

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