Travel Diary: Uruguay & Argentina – Ep 133

Part 2 of my Travel Diaries from 2 months in South America with my two friends Adam and Christian. In this episode we discuss what we got up to in Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay and Buenos Aires and Mar Del Plata in Argentina.

I hope to give you a little insight of the amazing countries and places we visit as well as some of the incredible people we meet along the way.

Things we did in Montevideo, Uruguay:
Stayed in Viajero hostel
Free walking tour to get an idea of the city
Hired some bikes to cylce along the coast line
Tour of the Estadio Centenario
Watched the sunset every day on the beach front
Mercado Ferrando for Food
Went to MLH Bar for Drinks and amazing Korean food – Martin’s bar!

Things we did in Colonia del Sacramento:
Got the bus from Montevideo
Stayed in Viajero hostel
Walk around town and UNESCO world heritage siteAte at Colonia sandwich coffee shop Walked along the beach front–
Things we did in Buenos Aires:
Got the ferry from Colonia
Stayed in Millhouse Hipo Hostel
Walking tour of La Boca & La Bombanero stadium tour
Went to the Konex Cultural Centre to watch La Bomba De Tiempo on a Monday night
Went to Mercado San Telmo and walked around the surrounding area
Checked out Berliner Bunker – with a skate ramp inside!
Went to La Catedral for Tango lessons
Pizza at Guerrin
Dinner at Don Julio – famous steak restaurant
Went for drinks in Palermo area

Things we did in Mar Del Plata:
Got the bus from Buenos Aires
Dinner at Alarde micro-brewery
Drink La Paloma pub
Drink at the Clue bar
Manolo for Churros
Torombolo for burgers
Bruto club for dancing and watching the sunrise

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