Acceptance, Work/Life Balance, & Living With Purpose | Answering YOUR Questions – Ep 150

Episode 150 is here and I can’t quite believe it. A huge THANK YOU for keeping this podcast going. Without you it really wouldn’t be anything.

So, to thank you, this episode is all about YOU. I jumped on Instagram Live and recorded a live episode while answering your questions because I often find that no matter what I am dealing with in life, someone else is probably going through the same thing. So I want you to be able to have your questions heard and to give some advice based on my learnings and understandings.

During this conversation, we spoke about:
– Acceptance
– Learning to deal with feelings of anxiety and a lack of control
– Understanding what patience is
– Balancing emotion, mental, spiritual and physical health
– Understanding the temporary nature of life
If there is someone you feel would benefit from hearing this conversation then please make sure you share it with a friend who would enjoy listening and really take something from it 🙂

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