Annika Allen: Your Network Is Your Net Worth – Episode 48

On this week’s episode I sit down with Annika Allen who has been hugely influential in helping to promote and inspire young black females and creatives in setting up both the Colour Network and The Black Magic Awards.

As someone who has lived life both within a corporate environment and working for herself, Annika has a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom to share; from creating her own platforms, to growing up and dealing with Sickle Cell, to being shaped and supported by her close group of friends.

There’s so many gems in this one! Hope you guys enjoy.

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Some topics we discuss:

– Growing up not seeing many black people working in creative industries

– Building up her own platforms

– Hurdles she faced in her 20s

– Facing Sickle Cell crises

– Having affirmations written out on her wall

– Being fed up of looking to America for inspiration

– Why your vibe attracts your tribe

– Recognising energy suckers

– Why your friendship group defines you

– Importance of Networking

– Being Fearless

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