Bejay Mulenga: Building Your Own Business & Being Your Own Boss – Episode 01

So here it is! In episode 01 I sit down with Bejay Mulenga – a 21 year old entrepreneur – who has featured on GQ’s ‘Most Connected Men in 2016’ list. We spoke about the first business he set up at the age of just 15, having 5000 students working with him by the age of 18, how he steps away from a busy working life to find time for himself and some of his tips on how you can set up your own business. Hope you guys enjoy!

Books recommended:
E Myth
Lean Start Up
Ego Is The Enemy

Follow Bejay: @supabeej

IG: @dreamersdisease_podcast
Soundcloud: @thedreamersdisease
Twitter: @IAmAlexManzi

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