In Focus

In Focus: Self-Improvement Paradox – Ep 191

A look at whether self-improvement fail you?

In Focus: Be More Open – Ep 189

Being more open to opportunities, opens you up to more life.

In Focus: Improving Your Sleep – Ep 187

My personal tips on how to improve your sleep

In Focus: Never Stop Learning – Ep 185

Why you should never stop learning if you want growth in your life.

In Focus: Taking Ownership vs Being A Victim – Ep 183

Are you the victim of your life or the owner of your life?

In Focus: The 1% Rule Revisited – Ep 181

Revisiting the 1% rule, which single-handedly changed my life

In Focus: The Importance of Rest – Ep 179

Discussing the importance of rest, after I decided to give myself a week off to recharge my energy

In Focus: 15 Minute Guided Meditation – Ep 177

A 15 minuted meditation practice for you to do in your own time.

1% A Day, Facing Adversity, Self Love & More | Answering YOUR Questions – Ep 176

Answering YOUR questions during an instagram live sessions

In Focus: Always Ask Why – Ep 175

The importance of asking ‘why?’ and how it opens you up to new learnings

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