In Focus

In Focus: The 1% Rule Revisited – Ep 181

Revisiting the 1% rule, which single-handedly changed my life

In Focus: The Importance of Rest – Ep 179

Discussing the importance of rest, after I decided to give myself a week off to recharge my energy

In Focus: 15 Minute Guided Meditation – Ep 177

A 15 minuted meditation practice for you to do in your own time.

1% A Day, Facing Adversity, Self Love & More | Answering YOUR Questions – Ep 176

Answering YOUR questions during an instagram live sessions

In Focus: Always Ask Why – Ep 175

The importance of asking ‘why?’ and how it opens you up to new learnings

In Focus: Be Where You Are – Ep 173

A focus on being happy with where we are on our journeys

In Focus: Taking Life One Step At A Time – Ep 171

Discussing taking life one step at a time and the importance of doing so.

In Focus: Recognise, Accept, Grow – Ep 169

Discussing 3 principles that changed my life; Recognise, Accept, Grow.

In Focus: What I Learnt From 100 Days Of Meditation – Ep 167

I discuss my recent learnings from completing 100 days of consecutive meditation, for the second time.

In Focus: Being Content In Life – Ep 163

A discussion and some thoughts on what it means to be content in life.

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