In Focus

In Focus: Taking Ownership in Life – Ep 94

Life is all about taking ownership of your life. So in this week’s In Focus session I discuss my own journey on taking more ownership in my life.

In Focus: Burnout – Ep 93

On this week’s In Focus session I am discussing burnout as it’s something we all have to deal with from time to time.

Travel Blues & Reverse Culture Shock – Ep 92

Adam & Tamer are back on the podcast to discuss our travel blues and dealing with reverse culture shock since coming back from Japan.

In Focus: Productivity – Ep 91

On this In Focus session I talk about my productivity when it comes to making this very podcast, sharing tips you can apply to your own life.

In Focus: Your Ego – Ep 89

On this week’s In Focus session I discuss Ego, how you can learn to understand it, why you can’t trust it and how you can deal better with your ego.

In Focus: Understanding Happiness – Ep 87

My thoughts on understanding happiness and why I believe we’ve got happiness the wrong way round.

In Focus: Water Fasting – Episode 81

Back in December, I tried a 48 hour water fast for the first time, where I only consumed plain water for 2 days.

In Focus: 100 Days Of Meditation – Episode 79

Looking into what I learnt from completing 100 days of consecutive meditation

In Focus: Trusting The Process – Episode 77

“Thinking is just another one of the trillions of processes that are constantly going on in your body”

In Focus: Finding Purpose – Episode 75

“There isn’t a purpose floating around somewhere and you’ve just got to find it. It just doesn’t work in that way”

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