Natasha Benjamin: Dealing With Anxiety & Taking Care Of Your Energy – Episode 32

A very open conversation with Natasha Benjamin, founder of Free Your Mind – an organisation to help support children who have experienced domestic violence. She’s also a self care coach, mental health expert and has written and released two books, so she’s a pretty busy lady!

Natasha speaks about her experiences dealing with Anxiety, discovering she had experienced domestic violence as a child and even gets me to open up about my own experiences with anxiety – something I’ve not touched on on the podcast before.

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Some topics we discuss:

The blog that started everything off for Natasha
Realising she’d experienced domestic violence as a child
Discovering her own mental health issues
How she deals with anxiety and what triggers her
Natasha’s top tips for self-care
Being a Reiki healer and what it’s all about
What we need to do to open up the conversation about mental health
How we can improve our daily habit
The feelings she experiences when having a panic attack

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