Vicky Grout: Be Passionate About Your Work – Episode 36

On this episode I am joined by Vicky Grout – the UK music photographer of the moment – to hear about her journey so far.


For someone who is just 21, Vicky has already achieved a lot in a short period of time so we take it right back to hear how she first got into photography, why you are better off not being a perfectionist, being a woman in a male-dominated industry, wanting to help educate the youth, dealing with online trolls, advice for budding photographers and more!


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Some topics we discuss:

When she first picked up a camera

Preferring film over digital photography

How social media has helped build her career

Being a woman in a male dominated industry

Her fear of the state of our society today

Why she believes in the butterfly effect

Dealing with haters online

Wanting to break out from solely music photography

Wanting to help educate the youth

Making sure she’s the right person for the job and not being exploitative

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