Zach Washington-Young: Making Impossible Possible – Episode 46

On this week’s episode I am joined by the hugely inspiring Zach Washington-Young who was involved in a horrific crash in 2012 and was left paralysed from his hips down and told that he’d never walk again. Fast forward to April 2018 and he completed the full 26-mile London Marathon on foot, making medical history as the first person to suffer from a severance of the spinal cord to do so.

In this chat, we talk through Zach’s journey and the work he has done with Prime Physio to get through his rehabilitation, what went into training for the marathon, the exact moment he regained feeling in his thigh and why keeping a crowd of positive people around him is key to his recovery.

Honestly, I think you guys are going to love this episode as it’s so powerful! Zach and his team are currently working on a documentary to show his journey from hospital bed to marathon finishing line and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Some topics we discuss:
– The feelings and emotions he went through during and after the crash
– Being a spinal injury ambassador
– What his life was like before the injury
– The moment his mindset changed and realised he might walk again
– Detailing his first steps during rehabilitation
– What went into training for the London Marathon
– His need to thrive and see each challenge as an adventure
– The toughest moment he experienced during the marathon
– Successes he’s seen in swimming
– Absorbing himself with positive people
– Why his ultimate goal is to be satisfied and content
– Wanting to give back and to benefit a greater cause

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