Shocka: Self Love & Mental Health – Episode 82

A conversation with Shocka who is a recording artist and all round sharer of positive vibes. He’s been talking a lot about mental health and the importance of self-love after finding himself sectioned in a mental health hospital on 3 separate occasions.

Shocka experienced an extreme high when his rap group, Marvel, were offered a record deal, touring the country and more. Only to have it all taken away in an instant, which sent him on a downward spiral, which ended him up in a mental health hospital. He’s now using his experience to share a message of self-love through his music.

This is a very open and honest conversation about dealing with mental health issues and how you can start finding the positives in your life through showing yourself more self love. Shocka’s story is an inspiration to so many and I’m so excited for you to hear this episode!

If there is someone you feel would benefit from hearing this conversation then please make sure you share it with a friend who would enjoy listening and really take something from it 🙂

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Topics we discussed:

  • His connection through his music
  • The time he met Drake
  • His experience of being in hospital and how he dealt with it
  • Me and Shocka also discuss how depression feels when you are in it
  • He shares his key principles to living a fulfilling life
  • The importance of self love in raising your self image
  • And even drops a positivity freestyle exclusively for the podcast

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