Vanessa Vanderpuye: Rise Up To Be Your Best – Ep 141

Actress Vanessa shares her story on how she has balanced her career whilst battling Endometriosis.

A Conversation In Quarantine with Alex Reads & Ryan Nile – Ep 140

I’m joined by Alex Reads & Ryan Nile to discuss what we’ve been getting up to since the UK implemented strict self isolation to help battle against the outbreak of COVID-19.

Murkage Dave: Embracing Your Vulnerable Side – Ep 137

On this episode I’m joined by the Murkage Dave who is a singer/songwriter from London

Jada Sezer: Finding Confidence & Value In Your Journey – Ep 134

On this episode I’m joined by Jada Sezer, who is a plus-size model, activist and has an MA in child psychology.

Tony Riddle: Live A Natural Life For Your Mind, Body & Soul – Ep 131

Tony Riddle is natural life-stylist and is all about studying how you can use nature to help your body get to full physical and emotional health.

Gabrielle Aplin: ADHD & Finding The Good In The Bad – Ep 128

Singer/Songwriter Gabrielle Aplin has a truly amazing story as she’s struggled with ADHD throughout her life.

Design Your 2020 with Creative Rebels (Live) – Ep 127

This episode is full of gems and inspiration – the perfect way to kick start 2020!

Jerome Flynn: Opening Up Your Heart To The Wholeness Of Life – Ep 124

I’m joined by Jerome Flynn who is best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Bronn of the Blackwater

Sinead Harnett: Lessons In Love And Self Love – Ep 123

I’m joined by a very good friend of mine and amazing singer/songwriter Sinead Harnett.

Dealing With Emotions, Finding A Therapist & Love Languages | The Corner – Ep 120

On this episode of The Corner I am joined by two awesome podcasters and content creators; Alex Reads & Ryan Nile

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