Paul McGregor: Live With Purpose – Episode 64

Having lost his Dad to suicide 9 years ago, Paul is helping to spread awareness of mental health issues and suicide rates in the UK.

The Slumflower: What A Time To Be Alone (Live) – Episode 62

Live interview with The Slumflower at the London Podcast festival


Discover Your Inner Greatness – Episode 60

I’ve compiled some of the best gems from the most popular episodes of the podcast so far.


Rohan Blair-Mangat: Own The Direction Of Your Life – Episode 58

I am joined by the super talented Director, Rohan Blair-Mangat, who has worked with Jay Z, Lionel Messi, Adidas, Bryson Tiller and more


Joshua Coombes: Do Something For Nothing – Episode 56

I chat with Joshua Coombes who is a trained hairdresser who uses his spare time to give free haircuts to the homeless.


Meggan Roxanne: Dealing With Personal Growth (Live) – Episode 54

This week’s episode is very special, as the interview comes from the very first Dreamer’s Disease live show.


King CookDaily: Create Your Own Culture – Episode 52

King CookDaily is the founder of hugely popular fast food Vegan restaurant CookDaily


My Story: Becoming Your Best Self – Episode 50

Breaking down my life journey, experiences, what has shaped me and how I got myself through some dark times


Annika Allen: Your Network Is Your Net Worth – Episode 48

Chatting to Annika Allen who has been hugely influential in helping to promote and inspire young black females and creatives.


Zach Washington-Young: Making Impossible Possible – Episode 46

Zach Washington-Young has gone from being told he’ll never walk again to completing the London Marathon on foot.

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